Handicap Sign

You see these signs almost everywhere – in parking lots, near elevators and beside bathroom doors. The telltale wheelchair symbol that is found on a handicap sign tells you that there is a facility that is available for use by those who have disabilities or are in wheelchairs. As common as this sign may be, some people actually do not know what the general composition of this kind of a sign is and what the elements on these signs are supposed to mean, or why these are used on these signs.

To help you understand why a handicap sign comes with very specific elements, and why signs used for certain facilities, rooms and areas need to follow certain guidelines for design, here are some of the more commonly used handicap signs you can see in places where people usually go to.

Handicap Sign - Parking

Handicap sign for parking slots – you will find that signs used for parking slots that are reserved for those with disabilities are usually marked with a blue field that has a white wheelchair symbol in it. This is the very same image you will see on signs that are on posts at the heads of these parking slots. Usually, such a handicap sign will carry wordings that either state “Handicapped Parking Only” or “Reserved Parking” under, over or around the pictogram.

Sometimes, when there is more than one parking slot available for those who have disabilities, you will find a sign that has the wheelchair symbol in it, and two way arrows running underneath to indicate that there are a number of parking slots available for people with disabilities in that area.

Handicap sign for accessibility – this is usually used to show people where they can find accessible facilities they can use such as ramps, elevators and the like. These signs have the usual pictogram used for such a signage, the usual blue and white contrasting color, and the words “accessible” at the bottom or at top to indicate that accessibility options are available nearby. These signs can also carry arrows that help show people where these accessibility options can be found.

Handicap Sign - RampHandicap sign for ramps – these are used to show people where wheelchair ramps can be found. These signs have the usual elements used for handicap signage, with the blue and white combinations and the presence of the wheelchair symbol on it, however to help people understand that these are used to indicate that there is a wheelchair ramp in that area, these signs carry an additional element. You will find that not only is the wheelchair symbol on this sign placed at an angle on the sign, but it is also on a triangle that represents the ramp.

Handicap signs for bathrooms – these can be found alongside the door of the bathroom that shows there is a facility inside for those in wheelchairs to easily use. These signs are also found on the very door of the bathroom cubicle that is made specifically for the use of people with disabilities, and this particular cubicle comes with features that help make it easy to use by people in wheelchairs. Aside from the usual blue and white color combination, and the wheelchair symbol, these signs are also tactile. This means that these can be read with the use of a person’s fingertips, and are mounted at a height that people can easily reach.

These are but a few of the more commonly used signs that belong to the family of the handicap sign. You will find that while most of the elements on these signs are actually the same, some distinct differences and additions help you determine what each sign is used for and where.

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