Bathroom Signs

When you see these signs, you rarely take notice of them except when you need to find the facility that these are used for. Bathroom signs, after all, are just there to help you find the bathroom when you need to use such a facility. What some people may not realize however is that some companies take their restroom signs to a whole other level and have made these more than just signs that point the way to the nearest toilet.

Sure, these are indeed very helpful for when you need to answer the call of nature. What other purpose do these signs serve anyway, right? Well, it turns out that bathroom signage can actually be used for other things, depending of course on how these are designed, made and mounted. Here are some of the ways that bathroom signs are more than just signs:

Comic relief – you may have seen quite a few lists online that show you the many different funny bathroom signs that establishments install on their bathroom doors. While these are not really ADA compliant, some establishments still have these made and attached to their bathroom doors (they usually have a compliant sign mounted beside the door to help avoid the subsequent penalties that come with non-compliance). The designs you will find these in include underwear that tell you which door leads to which gender’s bathroom (thong vs. boxers), aliens, pictograms dressed as popular superheroes, and even cartoon characters that are trying to suppress their bladders.

Decorative effect – aside from funny signs, you will also find some establishments using rather decorative and unique looking signs to add a more aesthetic feel to the sign. The decorative flourishes that you may find being used on such signs include amazing color combinations, the artistic use of different kinds of sign materials, and the rethinking of the male and female figures used for identifying these bathrooms. Some of the bathrooms you may come across will have more than just one kind of sign on their doors, and these may carry full length panels that are made out of materials like glass or aluminum, with cutouts or etchings of an abstract figure of a male or female, or designs that are unmistakably gender oriented.

These are just a couple of the other ways that bathroom signs are used, apart from their primary purpose, which is to show people where they can answer the call of nature. As mentioned earlier, these decorative and funny signs are usually supplemented by an ADA compliant sign that comes complete with Braille, tactile characters, and the right color contrasts.

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