Directional Signage

You might be wondering, how difficult could it be to make directional signage properly? Can people mess up the design and creation of rather common and simple signs? You might not know it, but a few people do make mistakes when it comes to the creation of these signs, and some of these mistakes actually cause a lot of problems and confusion.

There are many ways people can mess up the design of directional signs, and one of these is in the simple adding of the right facility or office name on the sign. When this happens, people will find themselves going to a room or facility that is not the one that they need. This is often a mistake that is made either by the person designing the sign, or an error on the side of the manufacturer.

Another mistake that you can see on directional signs is in the arrow usage. Some signs may be found using arrows that are pointing in the wrong direction. Others may be pointing in the correct general direction, but not in the exact right direction. For example, if a room or facility can be found straight ahead and after a right turn is made, the arrow that is placed beside the room or facility name should also show a forward then a right turn in its shape.

Some of the simplest mistakes that are made with these signs, as with other signs as well, is in the spelling of the room or facility name. This is sometimes considered negligible, although it does reflect badly on the building or company. You can still understand what the word “batroom” means, especially if this has the telltale restroom pictogram beside it. This, however, opens the sign to ridicule and joking, making people think of a room with bats, or that the person who designed or ordered the sign does not know how to spell.

It is then important that when you order your directional signs, you take special care throughout the entire process. From the time the designs are being made, to the time these are being sent to the manufacturer, and up to the time of delivery and mounting, constant checking of the design to see if these are correctly made should be done.

Another error that usually occurs with these signs is in the mounting. While this can be easily remedied once the error has been made, care should still be exercised up to the point when these are used. Properly designing, creating, and mounting directional signage, and taking special care to check on how these things are executed, will help you avoid the embarrassment that comes with such mistakes, as well as help prevent the much needed remake and redo of the signs, which can cost you time as well as money.

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