Sign Designer for ADA Compliant Door Signs

A lot of people believe that designing signs for their doors is really easy. How difficult could it be, right? These are just signs that you use on doors, whether these are numbers, names, or whatnot. Yet, contrary to popular belief, designing signs for doors, or any signs for public use for that matter, is not as cut and dried a task as most people tend to believe.

What is not evident from the start is that while door signs do serve a singular purpose, and that is to show people what room it is marking, any design just won’t do. There is such a thing called compliance that needs to be adhered to, and non-adherence can actually cost business owners and companies quite a bit of money. This compliance issue has something to do with government rules that cover everything from walkways, to entrances, to exits, and yes, to signs.

When you say compliance, this basically means complying with the rules set by the government as stated in the ADA. The ADA is the Americans with Disabilities Act, which is a law that was enacted in 1990 that promotes equality among all people in the US, regardless of whether or not you have a disability or not. In short, this law was put in place to make it easier for those with disabilities to access public places, jobs, and other things everyone else is entitled to accessing.

What does this law have to do with your door sign designs? Well, since door signs are considered part of what everyone sees and has access to, the designs of these signs are also regulated by this particular law. This basically means that you will need to follow the rules stated in the Standards for Accessible Design for signage in order for these to be considered ADA compliant.

Since the features needed to make these signs compliant with these guidelines set by the ADA vary from sign type to sign type, it is then a good idea to seek the help of a compliance expert and signage professional at this point. In order for all your business signs to comply with the law regarding their design, these experts can help. Signage companies that have both of these individuals on hand to help, or those that have a design team that has the knowledge needed for creating compliant signs should be the ones you look for when you need to have door signs crafted for your business.

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