Handicap Signs

Handicap signs are used to show people where parking spaces for people with disabilities are and to show them where accessibility options can be found. These can be found inside and outside of a variety of establishments. Here are some of the places where these signs can be found:

-      Schools – these can be found in parking lots and near accessibility options. Since schools are considered public accommodations (save for schools that are run by religious institutions), they are subject to the rules that are set by the ADA for the use of compliant signs and this includes the need for accessibility options as well as signs that show where these are.

-      Office buildings – these are also considered public accommodations since the public can easily access it, which is why it is also subject to the rules that the ADA has put forth regarding accessibility and signage use. Handicap signs can be found in parking lots, beside ramps and near elevators that can accommodate wheelchairs. These can also be found in bathrooms that have cubicles big enough for wheelchairs to fit in.

-      Hospitals – hospitals are also subject to the rules that are set by the ADA, and as such, should also have ADA compliant signs like handicap parking signs and other similar signage. These can be found in and around hospitals, with handicap parking spaces marked with the telltale blue and white pictogram, ramps having signs that show the wheelchair figure on a ramp and elevators as well as bathrooms that can be used by people with disabilities having the same pictogram beside their doors.

-      Malls and Shops – these are also accessible by the public, so these are also subject to the rules and regulations set by the ADA regarding signage, accessibility and such. You can find these signs in parking lots, restrooms and other areas where these are needed.

These are but a few of the locales where handicap signs can be found. You can actually find these signs, along with other ADA compliant signs, almost everywhere since the use of these signs is mandated by the government. You can find these in places that are not run by religious institutions, although some of them do put up these signs for the benefit of those who need them.