No Parking Sign with Time

You’ve seen these signs in so many places and you may easily find these in a lot of the locales that you frequent. These signs are, as the name implies, notices that tell you where you cannot park. These may also tell you why you cannot park in a specific area, what times you are not allowed to park there, and what you can expect to happen if you choose to ignore these No Parking signs.

There are many places that are considered no parking zones, however some counties and states have very specific areas that are considered common places that people should know not to park at. Whether these areas have No Parking signs on them or not, people in their respective places of residence should already know whether or not such places are permissible parking locales. Some of the more commonly known areas that people cannot park, even when signs are not present, include intersections, near a fire station entrance, near a fire hydrant, beside a ramp on the sidewalk, and in front of any driveway.

These locales usually have signs on them that carry the words “No Parking”, however some establishments take it that people should already know what areas are not ideal for them to park in. These businesses may choose not to place any no parking signage in their driveways or in front of accessible ramps, but a few don’t want to risk people not knowing and place such signs in these areas anyway. Other places where people cannot park also include red curbs, handicap parking zones (if you do not have a tag for your vehicle stating that you are carrying someone with a disability in your car or van), and on a sidewalk.

These are not the only places where you can find these No Parking signs, since there are some places that place these signs in locales that they feel need these. For instance, if an area is seen to be a high-traffic street, and parking anywhere on this street may cause traffic problems, no parking signs are placed along this particular street. Sometimes these signs will have additional information stating from what point to what point it is illegal to park in the said area, with arrows pointing in both directions to show this. Sometimes, you may also see no stopping signs complementing these no parking ones to ensure that the flow of traffic on that particular road or street is smooth.

Other areas that may have these signs on them, or may not carry them at all since it is public knowledge that people should not park or even stop here, include bus stops, pedestrian lanes, and alleys. If a residential community wishes to assign no parking zones in their area, they will need to submit a petition for this to their local Department of Transportation.  They cannot simply put up no parking signs on these streets unless they have the legal right to do so.

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