Restroom Signs

Probably the most commonly ordered sign by almost any type of establishment around is the restroom sign. This particular sign can be seen everywhere, and this is due to the fact that these signs show people where they can find a facility that everyone needs and uses regularly. Restroom signs are essential to any and all kinds of business, which is probably why this is one of the most commonly seen, and easiest to recognize, signs around.

Having a restroom sign point out where the bathrooms are is not the only thing you need to do. What you need to do with this kind of a sign is to mount it in places where these are of most use. With that said, the question about where these signs should be placed emerges. Where exactly should you place these signs, and how many of these should you mount to make these really effective and useful?

To figure out where these signs should go, one of the things you should consult with is the list of signage rules that the ADA has put out for signs that are ADA compliant. You can also talk with a compliance specialist or a signage designer who knows these rules very well. Since a restroom sign is an ADA sign, you will need to comply with certain rules stated by the government about these, and one of the rules you need to follow for these signs is for mounting.

For the mounting of ADA signs, which restroom signs is a part of, you need to mount these at a height that people can easily see as well as touch, when these are located near the bathroom it is being used on. These signs have to be around 60 inches from the ground to the middle of the sign, which will enable people with visual impairments to easily reach out and touch the tactile elements on these signs. Aside from the mounting height, the mounting location of these signs is also important.

Since these signs are to be used to mark the doors that lead to these restrooms, the common perception is to have these mounted on the doors of these bathrooms. While you can see bathroom signage mounted on doors, you should also be aware that similar signs can also be found on the side of these doors. The proper mounting location for bathroom signage, or any permanent room sign for that matter, is beside the door in question, and on the latch or doorknob side for added safety. What you see mounted on the door itself is a supplementary sign, which is made to help those without vision problems to easily locate these restrooms as well.

Directrional Restroom Signage

Aside from the restroom signs that are mounted beside and on the doors of these restrooms, you also need to install signs that show people where these bathrooms can be found. These can be in the form of directional signs (those signs with arrows on them), or overhead signs. These will also need to carry similar elements used on the signs found near these bathrooms, such as pictograms and text, with the addition of arrows that point people in the right direction of these facilities.

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