Engraved Signs

Engraved signs are used by many companies for their signage needs due to the fact that these can be easily customized to fit specifications for ADA compliance. You will find that majority, if not all, of the signs that are made for use in offices, buildings, and other establishments are made to these specifications. These are necessary not only for compliance but also to help everyone easily understand what are on these signs.

These carry features like tactile characters, braille translations, and color combinations that make these easier to see and comprehend. These also use materials that are non-reflective, which helps prevent any glare from making these signs difficult to read under bright light. In short, the features and materials that are used for these signs help make these easier to read and understand by everyone.

There are times however when you can skirt these rules and this is when you are creating signs that are not for official use. Some people create signs for a lot of other reasons, like for use as home numbering or for other casual purposes, and this is where you can get really artistic. You can even have non-ADA compliant signs for use alongside your compliant signs, if you are looking to add an artistic quality to your office doors and business signage.

Here are some ideas for signs that are not used in an official capacity and can use engraving as the marking method:

Home number sign – you can use any kind of material for this and can use any font as well. Home number signs can be as artistic as you want, and can even carry engraved scrollwork, floral borders, and other features you may want to add to it to make it completely unique and your own. These signs can be attached to your mailbox, on a post by your gate, on a pillar or post on your porch, and even beside your front door.

Family name sign – another thing you can make using a variety of materials and can use any font you want (yes, even fancy script and italics) is a family name sign. These are those signs that you see on homes that tell you whose residence the house is. These can be posted in the same spots as the house number signs, and can inform people whether they are at the right address or not.

These are just a couple of examples of what can be made using engraved signs without the constrictions imposed by the ADA. Since these signs mentioned above are not used in offices, buildings, and other publicly accessible establishments, you can get away with putting just about any feature or design on these.

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