Custom Wood Signs

People who buy custom wood signs usually do so because of the rustic and quaint appearance of such signs. The designs that they can use when they customize these signs can range from the cute to the funny to the nostalgic. Let us find out where most people use these signs and for what reasons:

-      Home Address or Number – some people find that using wood for their home number or address makes their home a bit more…well, homey. Wooden address plaques can be made to carry the house number and the family name of the homeowner, if they so choose to design it this way. These kinds of signs are usually engraved, and may carry decorative elements on them like scrollwork, silhouettes and such. These can be usually found attached to the wall beside the front door, on a mailbox or above the door, to name a few.

-      Establishment Name – certain restaurants and bars choose to have their establishment signs crafted using wood usually because of the kind of restaurant or bar they are. Establishments that have custom wood signs made for their business sign are those that usually have a rustic, country feel to them. Steak houses, pubs, and other similar businesses choose to use wooden signs to give their customers a feel of what they are to expect from inside. These are usually engraved wooden signs as well and may carry artistic elements on them like special fonts or carvings of mascots and such to further show people what kind of restaurant or bar they are entering.

-      Family Trees and Directories – technically, these are not signs, but a lot of families have their names engraved on wooden signs and linked together to form a family tree that they can hang inside their homes. Sometimes, this same concept is used for apartment buildings or housing compounds where a few families live together. What they usually do is they have each family’s last name engraved in a wooden sign and mounted onto a directory-type post with the house numbers up top and the names in order of their home number below.

-      Dog Names – these you can find posted above the dog house’s door and more-often-than-not, this particular wooden sign is shaped like a bone. A cat shaped wooden sign can also be made for those who have cats for pets instead of dogs.