Office Door Signs

When it comes to office door signs, you should know that there are rules and guidelines that need to be followed when it comes to these. Included in the rules that you need to follow are those that talk about mounting. While some people may think that you can mount your signs anywhere as long as these are near the door it is to mark, the truth of the matter is, you actually need to mount this in a specific location.

Not only do you have to mount these signs in a very specific spot for these to be considered compliant, but these also need to be at the right height and must carry the right features for the door it is marking. So, what are the mounting rules that govern office door signs? Here are some of them:

If the sign is marking an emergency exit door, ceiling mounting should be set at 84 inches from the floor to the bottom of the sign that is being mounted. Of course, exit signs are not the only signs your office may want to mount from the ceiling. Just keep in mind, for ADA compliance, any sign that you are looking to mount from the ceiling over the door it is for, these have to be high enough (hence the 84 inch clearance) to allow for safe passage. The same goes for wall mounted signs that are placed above doors. Also, make sure that your overhead mounted signs are not blocking sprinklers, or any emergency supplies that need to be easily accessible.

If your signs are to be positioned beside the door it is to mark, there are a few rules you need to consider. First, you need to determine what kind of door these signs will be marking. If these are double doors, you need to determine whether both doors are active (can be opened), or if only one side is to be actively used. The rule for double doors is to place the sign on the right hand side of the right door if both doors are active. If only one side is to be active however, the sign should be mounted beside the door that is to be left inactive.

Door Sign Mounting Guides

If your sign is to be mounted beside a door that is a single door, you need to mount this on the knob or latch side wall. If the door is inside swinging, you can mount the sign as near to the door as you like. If it is an outside swinging door however, to avoid injuries, the sign should be mounted within an 18 inches square floor space on the latch side part of the door, with the middle of the sign placed in the middle of this 18 inch square space.

Mounting height for these signs that are to be placed beside the door is a minimum of 48 inches to the middle of the sign from the floor, to a maximum of 60 inches to the middle of the sign from the floor. You can only mount door signs on the door itself when it is an inward swinging door that automatically closes, and does not have a device that helps keep it open. 

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