Bathroom Sign

Do you know where to mount your custom restroom signs? Can you just mount these anywhere since these are custom signs anyway? Are there rules to be followed when it comes to mounting these signs?

Restroom signs, particularly those that are ADA compliant, actually need to be mounted in areas that the government has mandated to be the right spots for these. These mounting areas are also dependent on what kind of restroom sign you are having mounted. Also worth noting is that some states, like California, have a different set of rules for their bathroom signs and where these should be mounted.

So, where should you mount your custom restroom signs? Since there are a few different kinds of custom bathroom signs that people have made, it is a good idea for you to know where these can and cannot be mounted. For those that are custom made but follow the general guidelines for ADA custom signage, the correct mounting location for these signs is the same as the other ADA compliant signs used to mark doors – right beside the door on the latch or doorknob side.

Of course, some people choose to install more than just one sign for their bathrooms, so you will find that apart from the side mounted signs, you can also find signs on the doors itself, right above the door, and on a bracket above the door jamb or attached to the ceiling. These supplemental signs need not be ADA compliant since the compliant one should already be mounted to the side of the door. These supplemental bathroom signs are just there to show people where these restrooms are even if they are still far from it.

If you are looking to mount a restroom sign made for a wheelchair accessible bathroom cubicle, then you will need to mount this sigh to the side of the cubicle itself. Since these are usually larger than the other stalls in a bathroom, this can be easily attached to the side of the stall. You can also choose to attach a similar sign to the door of the same stall.

For bathroom signs that are decorative and non-compliant, you can actually choose to mount these anywhere. Most establishments place such unique and stylish signs on the doors of their bathrooms, with the compliant bathroom signs mounted on the side of the doors for them to avoid non-compliance issues. For bathroom signs that are made for use in California, compliant signs need to be attached not only to the side of the door but also to the door itself, in a specific height and placement, for these bathrooms and signs to be considered ADA compliant.

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