Bathroom Sign

While a restroom sign is subject to the rules set by the ADA for its design, mounting location, mounting height and color combinations, there are no rules that say you cannot add customized, non-ADA compliant signs to your existing ADA compliant restroom signs. If you are wondering why some people would do this, (use additional restroom signs that are not compliant with ADA standards) the reasons often have something to do with being unique, creating a statement or simply to express a sense of artistry. Whatever the reasons may be, you can put non-ADA compliant restroom signs in and around your establishment, as long as you supplement these with ADA signs too.

So, where do these establishments place such signs and what customized designs do they use for these? A number of businesses choose to have funny designs made for their bathrooms. Others choose to use abstract designs for these. Still a few more choose artistic and intricate designs to show people where their male and female bathrooms are to be located.

Where these are often placed usually depends on how these are crafted and how big these are. For example, one establishment chooses to have glass panels with etched figures of a man and a woman created for their bathrooms. Since these are not ADA compliant, they still need to use ADA compliant signs beside their bathroom doors. These glass panels are placed inside the bathrooms and can be seen by those who enter the restrooms as they open the door, with the glass panels acting as dividers between the door and the first bathroom stall.

Supplementary, artistic, non-ADA signs for restrooms can also be placed alongside the ADA compliant ones or can be mounted in areas that people can see them, like in the hallways that head to bathrooms or on walls near these restrooms. These should never take the place of the bathroom signs that are mandated by law to be mounted near the doors and on the doors themselves, or else you will find yourself in violation of ADA rules.

If you are unsure about where you can put these little artistic, funny, unique and interesting yet non-ADA compliant restroom signs, then you should try and ask your resident signage expert about it. They can help you determine where to best put these signs without getting yourself and your business in trouble while at the same time, being able to inject some humor, artistry or uniqueness into your establishment.