Architectural Sign Systems

One of the things people have to remember when it comes to architectural sign systems is that these need to be aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional. These signs also need to follow certain rules set by the government for these to be considered compliant. With these concerns, you may then start to wonder whether it is ideal for you to design your custom sign systems or to have professionals do it for you.

If your company has its own design team, you might think that it is a good idea to have them come up with the signs needed by your business. What you might not have considered is that your design team may not be aware of the many rules the government has when it comes to signs used both indoors and outdoors by businesses. For you to be able to avoid being penalized for non-compliance (which is a term used for companies that use signs that are not made following the rather strict rules set by the ADA for certain signs), you need to know which signs need to have specific design elements on them, and which signs can go without.

You might want to consult with a compliance specialist at this point in order to find out what kinds of rules govern the signs that you need to have made. The problem you might encounter here is that these specialists may not know how to design aesthetically pleasing signs for your business, or they cannot translate into signage the kind of designs you want for your establishment, while still complying with ADA signage rules. What you might need to do at this point is to have your design team work with the compliance specialist in order to come up with the signs you want in the designs that you think will suit your business, while at the same time complying with government rules.

Another thing you can do, if you do not have your own design team available for the creation of these ADA compliant architectural sign systems, is to find a manufacturer that already has such a team on hand. Most signage makers already know the dos and don’ts of ADA signage making, so when you hand them your ideas for the architectural signs that you need, they can easily put together the designs that are compliant while still creating great looking signage for your business.

Some manufacturers offer this service for free, while a few others charge a nominal fee for such a service. Still, a few more actually offer this as a separate service, and as such, charge those who use such a service a substantial amount for it. Of course, there are times when you do need to avail of such a service, even when it seems to cost a lot. What these businesses sometimes offer is a design service that gives you exactly what you want, and is compliant with government standards, with certain freedoms such as unlimited editing and tweaking, as well as ocular visits by the design team to the location and numerous consultation sessions.

So, who should design your architectural sign systems for you? The choice is actually dependent on your particular situation and your preferences. Whatever you think is best for your company is what you should go for, as long as compliance is given a huge importance in the designing of your signage. 

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