Office Door SignsSome people believe that office door signs should be mounted on the doors that lead to the rooms these are used on. These can be done if these signs are not ADA compliant. If these carry Braille or tactile letters on them however, the general rule is to mount such signs on the wall next to the door’s latch side.

The reason why these signs should not be placed on doors is rather logical. When you place a tactile sign or a sign with Braille on it anywhere, it is a given that these signs will be read with the use of a person’s sense of touch. If these are posted on doors, chances are, whoever is reading the sign will be open to the possibility of injuries when someone opens the door unexpectedly.

This has already occurred a number of times to a few individuals in the blind community, where a person was reading the tactile or Braille sign and someone opens the door, hitting and injuring the person. This kind of an occurrence not only opens up possibilities for injuries but also for lawsuits and complaints. That is something you do not want.

To avoid such problems, you should always mount your ADA compliant door signs on the walls adjacent to these doors. These should also be mounted on the side where the latch is to further prevent the possibilities of anything injurious happening to anyone reading these signs with their hands. Also worth noting is that these signs should also be mounted about 60 inches from the floor to the middle of the sign. This will help prevent accidents from happening should someone open the door while another person is reading the sign.

There are some instances where the side of the door with the latch on it has little to no space for the sign to be installed on. For instances like this, there are other installation options you can opt to use. One is where the sign is mounted onto the nearest adjacent wall to the latch of the said door.

To ensure that the person does not get hit by the opening of the door, open the door and check for the sweep of the door. Measure 18 inches from this sweep and install the sign at the same height and distance as mentioned earlier, which is 60 inches from the floor to the middle of the sign. This should help prevent any accidents from happening when the door sign is being read even while the door is opening and closing.