ADA Compliant Signs

Why do businesses need to install ADA compliant signs in and around their facility? Why are signs that comply with ADA standards necessary? Are there establishments that need not follow ADA rules about such signs?

These questions are often asked by business and building owners who are required to put up ADA signs by the government. The answers to these questions and more about ADA compliance can be easily found on the ADA website, however here are some answers to the three questions mentioned above:

1. The reason why companies are required by law to have ADA compliant signs in and around their place of business is due to a number of reasons. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, every person in the US is entitled to the same rights, regardless of whatever disabilities they may have. This law essentially criminalizes the act of discrimination against people with disabilities.

Since a lot of people have disabilities, and many more stand a chance of getting a mild to intense disability in their lifetime, it is but right that people be given equal chances to have access to services, goods and jobs. The use of ADA compliant signs in buildings and facilities that the public has access to is but one of the many rules that enable people with disabilities to find and have access to such goods, services and jobs just like everyone else.

2. These ADA compliant signs are necessary for a lot of reasons as well. First off, when an establishment does not comply with the ADA rules regarding signs, they open themselves up to complaints and lawsuits. Such lawsuits and complaints are brought about by people who may believe that you are not complying with ADA’s standards because you discriminate against people with disabilities.

Another reason why these signs are necessary is because people with disabilities do need these signs to help them get around and it is a little known fact that people with disabilities actually bring in a lot of revenue for businesses. Not only are these individuals buyers but they also bring other people with them to your businesses to patronize your services or purchase what you have.

3. Only a few establishments are exempted from having to put up ADA compliant signs in and around their facility. Such establishments include private clubs that do not have facilities that are open for use to the public, religious entities and other facilities that they operate, and railroads.

If you want to find out more about ADA compliant signs and the general rules that the ADA has for accessibility, you should check out