ADA Signs

Did you know that your signs are subject to not only aesthetic standards but also to government ones as well? These are called ADA requirements, and officially go by the name ADA Standards for Accessible Design. These are called as such due to the fact that these are used to help people gain access to public places no matter what conditions they may or may not have.

You may be wondering why signs are part of these rules when these are not really things you would consider necessary when it comes to accessibility. What is not evident to everyone is that, signs are actually crucial to the accessibility needs of people. These are what tell you where exits and entrances are, where specific offices and buildings can be found, where elevators and ramps are located, and many more. In short, these do have something to do with accessibility, which is why these rules are needed for signs too.

Signs show people where to go and if they cannot read these signs, how can they get to where they are going. This defeats the purpose of having these signs for these people, and this means that they are not as useful as they are expected to be. The main reason why these are included in the ADA guidelines is because there is a need for these to be understood by everyone in order for these to be considered useful.

The ADA is made to help people with disabilities to have the same opportunities as those who do not have disabilities. This includes not only chances for employment but also for getting around and accessing things that everybody else can access. These are limited however to what are considered public places, which include schools, malls, stadiums, office buildings, and many more.

When these regulations for signs, as well as other accessibility rules, are ignored, the company that did the ignoring of such rules will actually find themselves in a heap of trouble. They will find themselves facing penalties and fines that can go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, if they are sued by people who find that they cannot gain access to these establishments.

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why businesses follow the ADA rules when it comes to signs, ramps, and the like. Getting sued for non-compliance is no laughing matter since not only will such businesses need to pay the fines for these, but they also have to spend again on having these signs remade to be compliant with such guidelines. That means more money out of their pockets for something they could have done in the first place.

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