Architectural Signage

When sign manufacturers are asked about architectural signage and what their definition of it is, answers are oftentimes different from one manufacturer to the other. This may be because of the diversity of the signs that belong to such a category. This may also be because of the fact that different sign professionals view the term differently.

The difficulty people have in accurately defining architectural signage may also stem from the fact that there are actually so many signs that belong to such a term. This can mean internal signs, exterior signs and even signs that are used to show a building’s or establishment’s name. These signs can be made in one cohesive design or these can be made in a variety of designs.

The term architectural signage can actually encompass quite a number of signage ideas. Some people believe that this term is used on signs that help beautify a building or lends some aesthetic quality to a structure. Others believe that this particular term is used on signs that have architectural components in them.

You can easily find manufacturers that place office signs, ADA compliant signs and restroom signs within an architectural signage category. You can also find sign makers that place custom signs, outdoor signs and lighted signage in this category as well. Some use this particular term for sign packages that businesses order from them for use all over an establishment.

Some sign manufacturers however reason that this term does not need to cover only one particular aspect of signage and that this can actually cover all types of signs, as long as these are used with buildings and other architectural structures. These may or may not be customized, may or may not be lighted – the list goes on and on. Suffice to say, when it comes to architectural signage, most sign experts agree that whatever definition one uses, as long as it fits what you feel this term should fit, as long as there is some level of aesthetics used in the creation of the sign, then that should do.