Custom Bathroom Signs

Ever wonder why people say they are using custom bathroom signs for their offices but, when you look at these, they seem to look just like any other bathroom sign you have seen everywhere? Well, the reason for the rather un-customized look of such bathroom signs (even though these were indeed customized) are due to the fact that these signs need to follow rather strict rules set by the ADA. These rules actually dictate how these signs should look and what elements should be found on these signs.

As we have reiterated time and again, bathroom signs are part of the list of signs that belong to a category called permanent room signs. These signs are used to mark rooms that do not see any change in usage anytime in the near future. This is often because of the equipment and fixtures found within, and prime examples of such rooms include kitchens, conference rooms, auditoriums and, as mentioned earlier, bathrooms.

Now, when it comes to the customization of signs that are used to mark these rooms, like bathroom signs, you will find that your customization options are rather less free than for signs that do not need to strictly adhere to ADA rules. These signs need to follow a rather long list of guidelines set by the government for ADA signs, and the rules in this long list of rules sometimes come with sub-rules that also need to be followed for compliance. This can seem rather confusing to a lot of people, which is why there are sign designers who are adept at creating ADA compliant signs made available by signage manufacturers to their clients.

These sign designers will present you with the options that you have when it comes to custom bathroom signs, as well as other permanent room signs that you might want to customize. You can actually customize these signs to your liking, but within certain set parameters. For example, since ADA signs need to use a type of sans serif font for these to be considered compliant, you will be presented with a list of sans serif fonts to choose from. You won’t find yourself stuck with just one font choice, but you will be given a choice from a list of acceptable fonts that are all sans serif.

This also applies to the other areas that can be customized when it comes to these signs. Color combinations can vary from one sign to another, but these still need to adhere to the rule regarding color contrasts and such. You can also choose the type of material to use with your signage needs, however you need to guarantee that the finish used on these materials (metal, glass, wood or plastic) is non glare and non glossy.

Of course, while this may seem to be a set of rules too stringent to allow for utmost customization, there are ways for you to actually create unique bathroom signs for your business. One way for you to have signs that are rather interesting and not-so-serious is to have another set of signs made for your restrooms. These signs can be posted on the doors of your bathrooms while the ADA compliant signs are mounted in the places where the ADA has mandated that these be mounted.

While such a suggestion may seem costly, it can give you the chance to let out your creativity when it comes to your bathroom signs. Of course, you can choose to stick with the somewhat less creative but still customizable custom bathroom signs that have to follow ADA signs for you bathrooms. These can indeed be customized, but within rules. 

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