Custom Office Signs

When you are tasked to design and order custom office signs, you should be aware on the onset that these need to be carefully thought out before these are manufactured. This is because of the fact that such signs need to be made according to specifications set by the government. If you are not aware of these guidelines, it might be a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with these before you have these made.

When you order custom office signs from certain manufacturers, you will probably get back your signs just as you designed them, whether these have ADA compliant features or not. This is why it is also a good idea for you to consult with a compliance expert. If the manufacturer you choose for your signage does not tell you what your signs lack for compliance, you may find yourself with non-compliant signs, which may mean you need to have these remade to avoid the repercussions that come with such an issue.

Carefully designed office signs are those that are crafted with guidelines for compliance being followed while aesthetic considerations are also being integrated. This can be somewhat difficult, if you are not that adept at manipulating your designs within very strict rules. The signage rules set by the ADA, after all, are rather stringent and need to be followed in order to avoid penalties and fines, as well as the need to redo these signs to make them compliant, which can also cost you money.

For you to avoid having to spend more on your customized signs, you should consult with a sign designer or a sign design team that knows just how to craft these according to what you want while integrating what is needed. There are some manufacturers who know how to design such signs, and actually employ their own team to help customers with their customization and compliance needs. You simply need to ask your favorite sign manufacturer if they can assist you with this and if they do have such individuals for you to tap for such a requirement.

If your signage manufacturer does not have a sign designer on stand-by for you to consult with when it comes to your sign designs, you might want to check out the ADA’s guidelines on signage here. These guidelines are rather general, so you might also want to talk with a compliance expert in your state to ensure that your signs are indeed being made according to the guidelines set by the government. Your best recourse would be to indeed find a manufacturer that can do this for you, and Sign Collections has just such a feature that you can tap.

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