Custom Signs

Every company orders signs, and for a very good reason – these help people find their way around. Sometimes these signs inform people of what to do and what not to do while in an establishment. Other times, these show people where specific offices and rooms can be found, and which ones they are about to enter.

Essentially, signs are important to every business, but what about custom signs? Does a business need to have their signs customized or should they just go with standard ones that everyone else uses? Why should you opt for custom signage instead of those that you can get from hardware stores?

What some people may not realize is that custom signs actually do more than show the way. These also help a company establish their identity and exhibit their uniqueness. In short, your signs can actually tell people a little bit about your company and what kind of a business you are.

For instance, some companies choose to have custom signs for their office doors made in rather fun and funky designs (while still keeping these within compliance rules, that is). This is to show people that while they are serious about their work, they do have a playful and approachable side. This kind-of helps people loosen up a bit and to relax while they are within these offices.

Some companies also choose to go the serious, yet elegant route and have simple yet impressive signs made for their business. These signs tell people just what kind of a company they are working with and this can help to establish an air of seriousness, as well as added trust that the company is indeed serious about your concerns or needs. Ordering standard signs cannot give you these various outlooks, which is why custom signs are needed.

When you order your custom signs, you need to know that while you can indeed tweak these to fit your company’s needs and design ideas, certain rules need to be followed at the same time. These rules are set by the ADA and are there to help everyone easily understand these signs. Companies that specialize in the creation of these custom signs know what these rules are (usually by heart) and can give customers advice and information on what their signs need, what should be changed, what can be added or removed, and other design essentials for compliance. These companies can also help create compliant sign designs from scratch for these businesses, based on what they describe as their vision for their signs and the many rules that govern such signage.

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