Architectural Sign Systems

When asked about architectural sign systems and what these are exactly, many sign experts find themselves either at a loss for words or defining it in their own terms. If you were to ask a few of these signage experts this very same question, you can be sure that you will get a very varied reply and this is mainly because each person sees such a system in a different light.

While most definitions that professionals bring forth to answer such a query are quite close to one another, you would probably be hard pressed to find two that are exactly the same. When asked, on person might say that these are signs that are crafted after a specific design as conceptualized by a building’s architect or designer. When asked the same question, another sign expert might tell you that these are signs that are not commercial or off-the-shelf signage but rather are signs that are tailor-made to fit the design aesthetic of a particular building or establishment.

The reason why different sign experts say different things when asked this particular question may stem from the fact that over the years, these signs – how they are made, what components are used, what designs are considered and what they are used for – have evolved considerably. The people who create these signs, as well as those who have these signs made, know exactly what they need these are for and how these should look like, however despite this knowledge, they cannot really define what architectural sign systems are.

A lot of sign manufacturers and designers agree though that the definition of architectural signs is not really as important as their usage. These signs are basically used to tell people certain things about a building and these signs are made in a way that is aesthetically complementary to the establishment it is used on. You can find companies saying that their architectural signs can be used for offices, stores, restaurants, outdoor facilities and many more.

These signs can be used for branding purposes, for directional needs and for directories too. These can adorn doors, can be affixed overhead or attached to walls. In short, architectural signs can be found anywhere and can be used for almost anything. How these are defined is often dependent on what each manufacturer feels is best for their clients, as long as the definition shows them what these can be used for.