Handicap Signage

Why do they say that handicap signage is something that should always be around? Why is it that wherever you go, these signs with the wheelchair symbol on it is there? What reasons are there for establishments everywhere to use these signs for their business?

One of the main reasons for these signs being used everywhere is because it is the law. It is mandated by the government that parking spaces need to be allocated for the use of people with disabilities, with a specific number needing to be reserved for people with disabilities depending on how many parking spots a lot has. For instance, if a parking lot has 25 spaces, then this lot needs to have at least 1 slot reserved for people with disabilities to park in. It is also mandated that for each parking slot that is reserved for people with disabilities that these signs have to be posted.

Aside from the fact that handicap signs are required by law, there are also other reasons why these signs matter. What some people may not know is that all buildings are required to have accessibility options made available for people with disabilities. Failure to comply with such a rule is indeed against the law, but other than that, not providing such facilities to people with disabilities actually makes an establishment lose revenues.

Revenues lost from such a demographic is actually substantial, not only because of the 220 billion dollars in spending power that this particular group has, but because they are also related to people who do not have disabilities. These relatives and friends may decide not to patronize an establishment because of the lack of accessibility options, which means more losses on the part of the business that neglects to follow the law.

Also worth noting is that not only will businesses be opening their doors to more people who will be able to patronize their wares and services, but they will also be giving people the chance to experience what everybody else gets to experience. That is, after all, what the ADA is all about. It is about the equality that every American is entitled to, whether they are disabled or not.

What does the handicap sign have to do with this? Well, if you really think about it, accessibility options that are made for people with disabilities need to be pointed out, and these signs are easy enough to recognize because of the telltale wheelchair symbol that is being used worldwide. Elevators that are big enough to carry wheelchairs in them have this symbol near its buttons. Ramps that are made for these conveyances also have this symbol on a sign near it, and even on it.

This particular sign shows people where bathrooms that are also big enough for wheelchairs to fit in can be found. These very same cubicles also have the features that such bathrooms need, such as grab bars and the right height toilets for ease of use. This wheelchair symbol is also used to show people where entrances for people with disabilities can be found. This is because there are some old buildings who have small front doors and had to create bigger, more accessible entrances and exits elsewhere on the building.

Handicap signage does matter, and for many good reasons. For equality, for increase in revenue, for complying with the law. This basically means that these signs are indeed needed and should not be neglected.

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