Handicap Signage

You’ve seen these signs used in many different situations and by many different establishments. You have also seen these signs in different designs and in different locations. These are easy enough to distinguish, and this is due to the telltale pictogram that you can find on these signs, which is the ISA or international symbol of access.

These signs are everywhere for a good reason, and here are some of those important reasons why such handicap signage exists:

These signs are posted to comply with the law. – the presence of these signs in many areas are mandated by the law, which is why you can find these in every publicly accessible establishment that you find. This is because of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), which aims at giving everyone equal rights.

These signs are used to mark accessibility options for people with disabilities. – these signs carry the telltale ISA symbol, which is a pictogram of a person in a wheelchair. These mark places like ramps, elevators that are big enough to carry a wheelchair, and bathroom cubicles that have features that make these easy to be used by individuals with disabilities. These are also used to mark parking slots that are reserved for vehicles that carry people with disabilities.

These signs mark facilities that can be used by people with special needs to. – aside from being marked for use by people with disabilities, these signs can also indicate that a certain facility can be used by those who have special needs, like senior citizens and pregnant women. In some occasions, parents with small children are also allowed to use these facilities (like the ADA compliant bathrooms that can be found in malls and office buildings), specifically if there is no one with a disability using the said facility.

These signs make it easier for people with disabilities to find their way around these establishments. – these ADA compliant signs help those with disabilities to easily locate where to park, where to find a wheelchair ramp, where to enter a building and so on. These signs mark areas that are specially designed or altered for the convenience of those who have disabilities, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to access and use the many areas of such establishments.

The pictogram on the sign makes it easier to distinguish, even without words. – since the sign’s pictogram is internationally recognized, seeing on in a parking lot, beside an elevator, or near a doorway will tell you that an accessibility option is found there. This makes it easy to understand, and even by those who are incapable of reading.

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