You may have seen a lot of how-to guides online telling you that you can save some money by creating your own ADA signs. These very same guides will even tell you that this is easy and you won’t have to worry about compliance issues when you install these signs and use these for your business. What these how-to DIY guides is not telling you is that, while it may seem easy to create home-made ADA signs, these are not really compliant with ADA rules unless if these follow the very strict rules set for such signage.

ADA signs have to be made according to a strict list of rules that the government has set. These rules include specific measurements, color contrasts, sign finishes and the like. If you are not an expert sign maker with access to the tools needed to create the right sized letters in the right fonts with the right color contrasts, then you are better off setting aside such an idea.

Trying to save yourself money by creating your own ADA compliant signs will only set you back more than if you had your ADA signs created by professionals from the get go. Not only will you be likely told to take down your home-made signs and to replace this with signs that are strictly within compliance (which is what you should have done in the first place), but you could also face penalties and fines for not following compliance guidelines for signage.

You will find yourself spending more because of this particular notion that you can make your own ADA signs. Unless if you have access to professional sign making tools, or you are a professional sign maker yourself, creating ADA signs for your business on your own is generally not a good idea.

So what do you do with these DIY instructions for ADA signs? You can study these and compare these with how professionally made ADA signage are put together. You can also try to understand why these home-made signs won’t pass muster when it comes to compliance.

You should also understand that with so many sign manufacturers online offering ADA compliant signage, prices for these are actually not as expensive as you might first think. All you need to do to be able to save up on these signs is to look for the cheapest signs you can find. Just make sure that these are indeed up to ADA specs and you can do this by researching first and asking the sign maker for details regarding these signs.