Engraved Office Signs

If you look around you, you will easily notice that majority of the indoor signs you see being used in offices these days are engraved office signs. Whether these are overhead signs, door signs, or directories, you will notice that these will either have recessed characters, or raised ones. More often than not, these signs are made using engraving as the marking medium, although this is sometimes dependent on the kind of material being used.

Businesses these days choose to have engraved signs for their offices due to many different reasons. For one, engraving is a marking method that can be used on almost any type of material, be it plastic, metal, wood or stone. Another reason is that engraving can now be done with precision using engraving machines, and this enables companies to customize their signs considerably to carry the kinds of designs they want these to have.

If you are working with a rather strict budget for your signage needs, one of the materials that you are likely to choose is plastic. Plastic is one of the cheapest and most versatile choices you have when it comes to signage needs, and this particular material is easy to mark with the use of an engraving machine. It is also better to have your plastic signs marked with the use of engraving since this method allows you to create the much needed raised and recessed parts that ADA signs are made of, and majority of office signs need to comply with ADA rules.

Another good reason why most establishments choose to use engraving as the marking medium for their signage is because the end result is a durable sign. You will find that engraved signs are rather difficult to damage, deface or vandalize and that is because of the fact that the characters on these signs are essentially gouged out of the material that is being used. When you choose to use metals or plastic for these signs, compare painted on characters and engraved characters on these, and see which ones are easier to remove, vandalize, or alter.

Engraved office signs can also be enhanced with a little paint. If you feel that the recessed or raised characters on your signs need to stand out a bit more, or needs some definition, you can paint these in. Just make sure that you choose the right color contrast for these signs in order for you to stay within compliance rules. You can also decide to layer your signage substrates to have a darker or lighter colored top from the material that is underneath so that when these signs are engraved, the proper color contrast is already there to begin with.

Some businesses also point out that ordering engraved signs for their offices often gets them the signs they need faster than when they choose other marking methods. This is because engraving is, as mentioned earlier, done with the help of a computer aided engraving machine. This not only produces signs faster, but also with precision and accuracy. You will find that whatever designs you create for your engraved office signs, these can be easily translated onto your chosen materials and in a short amount of time at that.

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