Directory Signs

When you walk into the lobby of an office building, or are looking for the clinic of a specific doctor in a building full of clinics, you will find that on a wall in the reception area of the said building is a huge sign that carries names and office room numbers. This is an office directory sign. If you will also notice, these types of signs are usually mounted at a height that is above your head. There is a good reason why these signs are mounted at that height.

While not all of the office directory signs that you come across are mounted at a height that is way above you, majority of the ones you will come across are. Those that have information regarding all of the offices in the said building are usually mounted very high, and are pretty large to begin with, especially if the building it is being used for is rather large. Those that have rather small directories that are not mounted up high, and are small and low enough for you to check at eye level, are usually utilized by buildings that are not that big or do not house too many offices in them.

When a building is sizable enough however, and accommodates a number of companies or offices in it, you will find that the directory signs these use are usually located above the heads of those in the reception area of such a building. Sometimes, it is mounted at that same height but found on a side wall, near the elevators. Wherever these are mounted, the reason for the height is usually the same.

These directory signs are placed up high because these businesses want people to be able to see what they are looking for even from a distance. For this to be possible, aside from the mounting height of such directories, you will find that these carry text that is also large enough to be read from a distance. This combination of large copy and high mounting will allow people to easily see what is written on it even while they are heading for the elevators.

Another reason why these signs are also mounted high is to allow more people to see it. If it were down low, and carried characters that were small on a directory sign that was also rather small, only a few people at a time can check it for the offices they are looking for. With the sign being large and mounted at a height that makes it easy to see even from afar, more people can use it at the same time as compared with the smaller sign.

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