Custom Restroom Signage

One of the signs that many businesses choose to customize is restroom signage. They often tweak these signs to look a bit more like the rest of the signs that are being utilized in and around their place of business. What you might notice when you see these restroom signs is that, even when these are customized to look different from other signs used for bathrooms, they are still essentially easy to distinguish as bathroom signs. Why is it that despite all the customization options you have, and the chances you are given to create very unique and outstanding restroom signs, that people still gravitate towards creating bathroom signage that look almost like the ones you see everywhere?

There are actually a few very good, and very logical reasons why your restroom signage should not veer too far away from what is the norm. While you are indeed free to add or deduct certain elements from your bathroom signs, the general look of this particular sign should remain the same. The main reason is basically so that people do not end up confused and not be able to find the bathroom when they need to use it.

Imagine someone who needs to answer the call of nature ASAP due to some bad food, or because they suddenly do not feel well, and they cannot find the bathroom because they cannot find a sign that points them to where it is at, and there is no one around to ask. Not only will this scenario become an embarrassing one (and probably a traumatic one as well) for the person involved, but also for the establishment due to the failure to provide a basic need to a person. Imagine if you were in that person’s shoes. There may be a sign that points them in the right direction, but due to the rather uncommon look of the sign, they might not easily discern that what they are actually looking at is the sign they need.

Another reason why restroom signage should be easy to locate and identify, which in turn will make it easy to locate and use the bathroom it is being used for, is due to compliance rules. According to the government, signs that are made to mark permanent rooms (which bathrooms are) should follow strict rules that make these easy to read and understand by everyone. This means that the elements on these signs should be readable and understandable by individuals with visual impairments. As such, these should carry the many elements that make them ADA signs, such as proper color contrasts, tactile elements like Braille and raised characters, and the sans serif fonts.

When you are tasked to create restroom signage that is both compliant with ADA rules, and easy enough to recognize as bathroom signs, it is very easy to simply go with the usual designs that almost everybody uses. What you might not realize is that, despite these restrictions and rules that you need to adhere to, you can actually have really unique looking bathroom signage made for your establishment, without giving people a tough time in figuring out what the sign is for. All you need to do is to talk with a good signage designer about your ideas and have them help you tweak this to make your signage look different from the rest but still easy enough to distinguish as restroom signage.

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