Sign Designer

There are quite a few companies who choose to go with signs that are ready made for their business needs. There are also a few who put together their own signs with the use of letters and numbers that they stick to a substrate or a tile, which they then use to mark doors with. What they might not be aware of, is that even when this is an easy way to make signs, and a generally cheap one at that, this is also not a good way to make signs.

The reason why sign design should always be considered when you create signs for your business is that there are rules to be followed for this. These are rules set by the government and are a must if you do not want to get into hot water. Some of the things that can happen when you go against the rules set by the ADA when it comes to signage includes penalties, fines, and of course, the need to still have compliant signs crafted for your office or business signs.

The need for signs to be compliant is for these to serve everyone equally. Since the ADA was formulated to give everyone an equal opportunity at everything, which includes being able to get into public places and to know where to go with the help of signs, using signs that are not made up to specifications defeats such a purpose. This is why your sign designs should always be made with the ADA features needed for compliance being foremost in your mind.

There are also other considerations that you need to think about when it comes to these signs, and these include how these appear to others. For a number of companies, perception is important. How you look to others and to prospective clients will mean the difference between getting your business considered by these clients and them passing you over. Having signs that are sloppily designed and made will come across to these people as your business being sloppy as well, and this won’t bode well.

Some people think that having signs designed by professionals will cost them more, and this can be true in the onset. What they may not be aware of is that, if they have signs that are non-compliant and not designed well enough, they will end up with less customers. They may also find themselves needing to pay fines for non-compliance, which may actually cost them more in the long run. Also worth noting is that there are sign manufacturers who actually have designers that can be tapped for this particular need, free of charge. You simply need to find one that can provide you with this bonus service.

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