Custom Restroom Signs

If you check out the restroom signs of each bathroom you go to in various buildings, you will notice that majority of these look alike. Differences in these are often in the color combinations, in the size, and even in the fonts that are used. More-often-than-not however, you will see that almost all of these have the same pictograms on them and are mounted in the exact same spots – beside the door of the restroom, on the doorknob side.

The reason why most of these restroom signs are found where they are and carry almost identical features on them is due to the need for these to follow strict government rules. Since bathroom signs are considered permanent room signs (bathrooms are considered permanent rooms since these do not change usage due to the features found within), these need to comply with the many guidelines set by the government for such signs. While these signs do need to comply with ADA rules, every now and then, you will find that some businesses actually install funny restroom signs on the doors of these facilities (this can be done because these are supplementary signs, with the ADA compliant signage being mounted beside the door, as per regulations).

Why do some businesses use supplementary signage with humorous themes and looks to them when they already have ADA compliant signage for these same rooms already mounted beside the bathroom door? The question is, why not? As long as these signs do not violate any rules, and are not offensive to those who see them, these don’t really pose any harm or threat to anyone.

Funny Bathroom Signs

Some of the funny bathroom signs you will see include those that make fun of the pictograms being used. Others show unique and sometimes risqué symbols that represent the two pictograms often used for these restrooms. Others simply use items that either gender uses, like a thong for a ladies’ room and a pair of boxers for a men’s restroom, or a martini glass for women and a beer bottle for men.

The main reason why some establishments do use funny supplementary custom restroom signs on their bathrooms is to inject some humor in an otherwise boring and utilitarian room. These signs help give people a little something to smile or laugh about, lifting their spirits even when all they want to do is to answer the call of nature. These signs also show people just how creative and not-too-serious some company higher-ups are. This shows that the people who make decisions for these things actually have a sense of humor, and that they are sharing such a sense of humor with everyone.