Custom Sign Design

Even when you have skills that make you quite adept at designing anything including signs, it is advisable that when you need to have custom signs made for your business that you consult with a sign designer about this. The main reason why this recommendation is given is due to the fact that there are some sign design aspects that require the knowledge sign designers have regarding ADA rules for these. While you can do some research on this subject, and design your signs according to what you find out, the signage designers who have been doing this for years can help you tweak your designs to make these compliant quickly and easily.

Signs that are used for publicly accessible establishments need to have features that make these compliant with ADA standards, however not all custom signs have the same requirements for compliance. Some need to have more features added than others and a few don’t even need to have more than one or two of these incorporated into the design. It is in knowing which signs need which features that a sign designer can easily craft your custom signs for you.

The reason why signage designers are trusted by many for their sign needs is due to the fact that non-compliance with ADA rules is no laughing matter. If your signs lack some of the features that are needed to make these compliant, you might find yourself not only facing penalties and fines, but you will also need to have new signs made to comply with the standards set by the government for signage. This will jack up your costs considerably, making your cost saving move of designing these signs yourself irrelevant.

If you are afraid that a sign designer may cost you a lot, you will be glad to know that there are actually a number of signage manufacturers that offer free sign design services for the signs that you want to have customized by them. Some of these sign makers can even tweak your own designs for you to help add in the ADA required features that make these compliant. A few manufacturers however charge a minimal fee for their sign design services, but sometimes waive this fee when you order a certain number of signs from them. Whatever the case may be, the cost of having your sign designed by a professional that knows what rules to follow for ADA compliance will help you avoid the high fees, and even possible litigation, that comes with non-compliance of ADA signage rules.

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