Engraved Office Signs

 Interior office signage can be manufactured a few different ways however, one of the more popular methods used for creating such signs is engraving. Engraved office signs are often the choice of people for their interior office signage needs and for numerous good reasons. To help you understand why, here are some of the main reasons why such signs are chosen by businesses everywhere.

Engraving helps make signs more durable and less prone to defacing. – People who choose to have engraved signs crafted for their businesses know that these are very difficult to deface or damage, which means lower the possibility of needing new signs sooner than expected. While vandalism is rare when it comes to indoor signs, normal wear and tear, as well as accidental bumps by individuals, can cause damage to signs that are not built durably. With engraved office signs, you can be sure that even when these things occur, your signs will remain intact.

Engraving can be used to create ADA compliant signs. – Since majority of interior office signage need to be compliant with ADA rules, choosing engraving as your sign marking method is a wise choice. This is because of the fact that engraving is used to create tactile letters and Braille translations on signs. When engraved office signs need to be ADA compliant, the letters are raised and the surrounding areas of the sign are engraved or scored.

Different types of materials can be used when crafting engraved office signs. – While most people choose to use plastic for these signs, you can actually choose from a long list of materials that can be used in crafting these signs. Some of the materials you can use include stainless steel, aluminum, acrylic, wood, bronze and many more. Of course, when you use these materials, you need to keep within ADA rules for finish and color contrasts.

Engraved signs can also be used outdoors. – While we are talking about engraved signs being used for interior office signage needs, we feel that you should also know that this particular sign manufacturing method is also ideal for outdoor signs. This is because of the many positive factors that come with such signage, such as durability and lower chances of being defaced.

These are but a few of the positive aspects of engraved office signs. When compared with printed signs, you may find that these will cost a bit more, however in the long run, these signs are more cost effective since you won’t have to constantly replace these with new signs or have your old signs retouched and repainted when fading and damage occurs.