Architectural Signs

One of the things that you should definitely consider when you need to come up with designs for your architectural signs is to consult with a sign designer. Lots of sign manufacturers employ designer to not only help them come up with sign designs for their catalogs but also to help clients with their signage needs.

There are many reasons why consulting with a sign designer for your architectural signage needs is a good one. To help you understand what we are getting at, here are some of those reasons:

-      Sign designers know how to translate what you want into visual representations before these are crafted – one of the things that some people find somewhat frustrating is not seeing how their signs will look before they order these. They may have a general idea based on what they can see on the sites that they visit or the catalogs that they check, but when they customize their architectural signs, they cannot see the finished signage before they receive it. Having a sign designer illustrate your signs for you will help you see how these will look with your customized colors, wordings, graphics and such, which can then help you tweak your signs before these are manufactured.

-      Sign designers know how to work in ADA compliance requirements into your customized signs – since some of your architectural signs need to comply with ADA standards, you will need to have these tweaked in order for you to avoid being non-compliant. Sign design teams know how to incorporate ADA requirements into these signs without destroying the aesthetic of your sign. They can also make suggestions and explain to you these changes when they tweak these signs for you so that you know why changes need to be made on your custom signs.

-      Sign designers can help you come up with the signs you need while sticking to your budget – they know what materials are the most cost effective for your specific designs, what designs are best for your specific budget and how to maximize what you are allocating for your signage by making suggestions regarding these elements.