Office Door Signs

Creating office door signs is deemed as a task that is not really that design intensive or even worth too much thought for some people. What they might not realize is that how your signs look to other people actually play a role in how they see your company. How attractive and impressive looking your signs are can easily give people a specific perspective on your business, and what your company may be like.

Take for example two companies in the same building, with offices right beside each other. One company has door signs that look like they were made by some amateur sign maker who was not sure about what they were doing. The other company has well-designed and well-thought out signs that looked sleek and sophisticated. Which company do you think people will gravitate towards and think highly of?

Regardless of whether or not your company is indeed at the top of the heap, when your signs tell people that you are, their perception of you is bumped up. You give them an impression of professionalism and business savvy, mainly because your signs show that you are. If you want people to think highly of your company, you should always consider having custom made door signs look as smart and as snappy as possible. For this, you will need a sign designer who can translate what your company can do and is all about into these door signs.

Your office door signs, apart from needing to look impressive and attractive, also need to have specific features that are mandated by law to be present. These signs should carry features such as tactile characters (letters, numbers, punctuations, and pictograms), Braille translations, proper color contrasts (specified for ADA compliance is 70% color contrast), and a non-glare and non-gloss finish. These signs should also carry fonts that are considered ADA compliant, and these are those that are easy to read from any distance as well as with the use of the fingertips.

In order for your signs to be both impressive and compliant, you need an expert at signage to design and create these for you. You should look for a sign manufacturer that not only has the knowledge when it comes to compliance requirements for ADA signs, but also one that has a sign design team that can make your compliant signs look as good as they possibly can. There are only a few of these around and SignCollection is one of them, with decades of experience, expertise, and knowledge behind it, helping to create attractive and law-abiding signs for companies who need them. 

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