Interior Office Signage

Ever see signs in offices and in buildings you have been to and thought that these were well designed? Ever see signs in similar places that are not as well thought out and do not really seem like they belonged in that particular office or space? If you have encountered both types of signs, those that are well designed and those that need rethinking, and you have had certain impressions about these as well as about the establishments these are used in, then you will understand why interior office signs should be well thought out and designed.

Designing your signs well is necessary for a number of very good reasons. For one, these signs can be easily understood and used by whoever comes across them. Since these signs do serve a purpose, and that is to help people find individuals as well as rooms and facilities that they need to get to, it is indeed essential that these are easy to read and understand. Designing these in such a way that makes this possible is crucial to their being useful for their primary purpose.

In designing signage, to be able to create designs that live up to expectations when it comes to functionality, there are a few guidelines that need to be followed. Some of these rules are in line with the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA, which ensures that accessibility options and equality among those with and without disabilities are provided. This basically means that the signs you have to create and use are signs that can be easily read and understood by everyone.

The rules that you need to follow include the use of tactile characters, Braille translations and the proper color contrast. While these are not necessarily needed on all interior office signs, most of those that are considered permanent room or space signs are required to have these. Aside from these, your signs also need to have the right fonts, character sizing as per the signage size, and mounting height.

Another reason why these signs need to be designed well, aside from the reason where these need to be usable by everyone, is for these to represent your business well too. If a sign is not designed real well or does not go with the décor of your office, this can come off as you not really caring how your signs look. This may seem like  rather small thing to you, but if you go back to the impressions you got when you saw signs that are not in tune with the rest of the things around it, you will understand why a good signage design is important.

These signs, as insignificant as these may seem, actually represent you and your business. Unkempt, shabby and unimpressive signs tend to tell people that your company, and the people who work there or who run it, is not really detail oriented or careful about things. Like they say, first impressions do last, and having signs that are not well designed will give people an impression that you don’t want them to have.

We are not saying that you should spend an exorbitant amount of money to simply make impressive and grandiose signs. The idea here is to design signs that are not only utilitarian but also have a clean and professional look about them. These interior office signs, after all, need to be easy to use as well as representative of what your company embodies, and that is professionalism, attention to detail and utmost care about everything – from clients to employees to its signs.

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