Sign Design Expert

Whether you like to admit it or not, someone who is adept at designing signs is required when you need to have signs made for your company. Office signs, particularly those that are used on the doors of your office, will need to be designed by someone who knows what design elements these need to have for compliance. For this to happen, you need to be sure that your sign designer is actually someone who knows all the rules that govern such signs.

While you may be adept at designing signage, if you are not armed with the knowledge of the many rules that have to be followed for signs to be compliant, you may just find yourself in trouble. This is because signs that are used in public, and are used to mark doors that lead to specific offices and rooms, need to carry features that make these compliant.

What is compliance and why is it important that the signs you are having made for your business be considered compliant? Compliance refers to having features that are listed in the ADA Standards for Accessible Design. These features are required to be added to signs in order to make these readable and understandable by everyone, including people with disabilities.

So, how do you guarantee that these signs get these features which are required for compliance? What you need to do is to find a sign design expert. These experts know all the rules that cover these signs, and these include what kinds of signs need to have all the features mentioned in the ADA guidelines, which ones can do without a few of these features, and which ones can actually go without any of these at all.

Where do you find these sign design experts? You will usually find such designers working for sign companies that specialize in the creation of ADA compliant signs. Some designers can also be found working with the city or state that you are in, and are the ones that are consulted when signs need to be checked for compliance. You can ask these specialists to look at your sign designs to help you find out whether or not these are indeed up to standards or if these need to be tweaked to make them fit the required designs.

Why should you care whether or not these do have the said features needed for compliance? The reason why these signs need to have such features is because the law says that they should. When these signs do not have these said features, you are basically not following the law, which means that you are violating it and as such, will need to be fined or penalized for such an infraction. 

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