ADA Bathroom Signs

If you look at the bathroom signs in your office, in the mall, and in other places where the public can see them, you will probably notice that these have very specific features on them. These features include rather distinct color contrasts between the sign message and its background, raised characters, and braille translations underneath the sign message. There are many reasons why these features should always be found on such signs, and we will tell you what these are.

To enable people with visual impairments to easily read and understand these signs – ADA bathroom signs are made the way they are made due to the guidelines that the ADA has put forth, and these guidelines are there to provide equal opportunities for everyone. The signs that carry these special features help those who have visual impairments understand these with the use of the tactile letters, pictograms, and braille. Since these individuals depend on their sense of touch to read such signs, the addition of tactile elements provides this. Also, the color contrasts allows for those who have other visual problems, like color-blindness, to easily discern the writing from the background since the colors have a contrast that makes the message on the sign discernible.

To avoid lawsuits and penalties – since the ADA is a law, those who do not follow the mandates of this law may find themselves facing either litigation or fines. They may also find themselves facing both, as well as the need to change their signs to follow the rules set by this law for signage. The reasons some people may cite when they sue a business for not having ADA compliant signs include discrimination and non-compliance. The first could include physical barriers and declining to serve an individual due to their disabilities. When it comes to signs, the absence of the features required by the ADA can be considered discrimination since these signs do not have what people with disabilities need in order to read and understand these signs properly.

These are two of the biggest reasons why ADA signs for bathrooms have the features mentioned above. Aside from these, such signs also need to carry fonts that are sans serif, have non-glare and non-gloss finishes, and be mounted at the right height to facilitate the easy reading of such signs with the fingertips. Fonts that are sans serif are a must since these are also easier to read with the fingertips. Non-glare and non-gloss finishes, on the other hand, are there for everyone and this is to ensure that light does not reflect on the sign’s surface, which can make it hard to read as well.

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