Restroom signs are considered permanent room signs, hence the need for these to be compliant with ADA rules. ADA restroom signs come with a list of rules that need to be followed, and these include rules for what goes on them, what colors these should be, and where these are to be mounted, among other things. To find out more about these signs, here are some informative blogs that may be useful.

6 Different Kinds of ADA Restroom Signs – find out what kinds of restroom signs are commonly used in many different buildings and what elements these need to have on them. You will find that there is actually more than just a men’s bathroom, and a women’s bathroom, when it comes to these facilities. The signs that are used for these rooms will tell you what these bathrooms are and what they are used for.

What Are Allowed on ADA Bathroom Signs – while these signs do need to follow very specific guidelines to avoid penalties and fines, you will find that some of these rules are somewhat flexible. You can customize your bathroom signs even when these have to adhere to rather stringent rules. Read about the allowable variations for these signs in this article.

Why These Bathroom Signs Need to Follow ADA Rules – as mentioned earlier, these signs need to adhere to ADA rules for them to be called compliant. Why do these signs need to follow such regulations, and what exactly is the main purpose of the ADA? Find out in this article why ADA restroom signs are made with very strict rules being enforced on them, and what this means for everyone.

What You Will Avoid When You Are Compliant – when you comply with the regulations set by the government for restroom signs, you are avoiding more than just the confusion people may experience when they see on-compliant restroom signs. You will also avoid a lot of legal headaches when you follow the rules that are made for these, and other permanent room signs, as mandated by the ADA. Read more about this here.

Why Tactile Features on ADA Signs are Raised – ever wonder why the tactile characters on these ADA restroom signs are raised a specific height, and why the letters on these are spaced a specific distance from each other? Read this article to find out. You will also find out more about the specifics regarding the distances, heights, and other rules that cover these tactile features, not just for bathroom signs but for all ADA signs that use tactile characters in this piece.