When you customize your door signs, you should be aware that while you can inject your design ideas into the format of these signs, you are still obligated to follow certain rules. These rules, which are set by the government, are put in place to allow for the equality of everyone, and for those with disabilities to easily read and understand what these signs say.

In order for you to create custom door signs that are within the boundaries that such rules set, and are still aesthetically pleasing, you should be aware of these rules before you start creating your signage. To help you out, here are some links to posts that talk about custom door signs, and the limitations as well as guidelines you need to follow when designing and creating them:

Custom Door Signs: How to Create Impressive Looking Signs on a Budget – custom signs can sometimes be expensive, especially if you are thinking of using materials that may cost a lot, like metals and stone. Find out how you can still create very impressive looking signs while still sticking to your strict budget with this post.

How to Find the Best Manufacturer of Custom Door Signs – when you are thinking of having custom signs made, you will be faced with the dilemma of finding the right sign maker to meet your needs. Some companies can easily give you what you want, but without reminding you of the necessary features needed for specific signs that are supposed to be ADA compliant. Others can tell you what compliance rules need to be followed for these signs, but cannot give you the kind of aesthetically pleasing signage you want for your doors. Here are some tips that will help you locate the best signage maker for your customized signs.

Custom Door Signs: How "Custom" Can You Go? – when you customize your signage, it can be very easy to go overboard and just do what you want in terms of design and aesthetics. What you need to do is to design your signage with certain limitations and boundaries set so that you stay compliant when designing these signs, while still giving yourself enough room for what you want in terms of how your signs look. Here is a link that may just help you with this situation.