Washroom signs are found everywhere. These go by a number of different terms – bathroom signs, restroom signs, water closet signs — to name but a few. These signs are rather easy to recognize due to the pictograms often used on them, and where these are located. To help you find out more about these signs, here are some links that may be useful:

How these signs make life easier - Ever wonder how important washroom signs are to your facility? Aside from the fact that these signs show you where you need to go when you have to answer the call of nature, these signs are also useful for those who need to nurse their babies or to change their diapers. These are also useful to those who have to vomit in a private place, and for those who may be suffering from problems like diarrhea and incontinence.

Where you can find washroom signs – You see these signs almost in the same place in every building you enter. The placement of these signs are important mainly because people expect these to be where they are posted, but also because these are the places where the law requires them to be. Some of these places include beside the doors of these facilities, and in hallways leading to these rooms.

The evolution of washroom signs – These signs did not look like the way they do now from the very start. These signs actually evolved through the years, with them starting as mere signs that had the word “washroom”, “bathroom”, or “restroom” on them. Find out how these signs came to look the way they do now, and why these have the pictograms they are using.

Figuring out if your washroom signage is designed the right way – Customizing your bathroom signs will open you up to errors that may cost you a lot. The reason why you need to ensure that your bathroom signs are made the right way is to avoid the fines and penalties that come with non-compliance. Here are some tips that will help you determine if your custom washroom signs are made the way they should be.

Do different terms mean different things for these signs?Why do different companies use different terms when they have these signs made for their bathrooms? Some use the opposite genders that each pictogram signifies on these signs, and others use general terms like bathroom, restroom, and washroom. Find out whether these make a difference in these signs or because these are just the terms people choose to use.