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Stylish and Versatile Metal Sign Holders

Having the right mounting for your signs does not necessarily mean simply functional. You can have stylish mounting options used on these signs, like the ones we have here on SignCollection. Choose from any of our available sign mounting options for your custom signage and complete the look you want for these signs with these attractive yet highly functional pieces.

You can easily add style to any sign you have by using these polished metal sign holders. These sign holders are ideal for those times when you need a holder that allows you to change signs without needing to remove the existing sign from where it is mounted. That is because these holders and brackets allow you to easily slip your engraved sign panels in and out of them.

When you use these attractive holders, changing signs will never mean disfiguring a wall or door again. Once you have affixed these holders, all you need to do is to slip your sign panels in and out of them whenever necessary. These signage holders are available in standard sizes to fit any of the signs found in our OceanCollection.

Choose from any of the designs that we have for you. Selecting your brackets for your signs is easy. You will first need to choose the bracket or holder style from our drop-down selection. Our sign holders are available in 4 distinct styles: corridor brackets, single wall holders, multiple wall holders, and desk holders. Next choice would be the size. This would depend on the kind of bracket that you choose, with some brackets having more size options than others.

Your next choice will be your bracket color. All holders and brackets come in two color choices -- Polished Silver or Polished Rose Gold. Once you have chosen one of these two lovely shades, you will then need to select your mounting option. As always, mounting is free. Choose between four options: Velcro, double-sided foam tape, magnetic strips and wall anchors/screws. You should also note that all LakeCollection holders come with holes for easy mounting.

Don’t just settle for any sign mounting option that does not add anything to your signage needs. Choose the right mounting for your signs by selecting any of these holders in our LakeCollection. And remember never settle for just any sign, when you can have a SignCollection!

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