RangeCollection - Full Dome

The signs in our RangeCollection are the perfect signs for all facilities. These two tone signs give you the kind of look you would expect of high-end, expensive signs, but are surprisingly enough priced right within your budget. Our two panel signs provide you with a layered look that jumps off the wall, making these eye catching and hard to ignore.

The signs in the Range Collection come in contrasting colors which allow you to easily match any décor, making these great for your architectural signage needs. This collection also offers you sleek, yet professional designs that people will notice.

Creating the perfect sign with the RangeCollection is easy. Using our CollectionCreator, you design the sign just as you want it. Select the sign material and backer plate colors. Determine the appropriate text or use standard text with graphics. Before you know it, you will have the sign you always imagined, but never thought you could afford.

Designing your sign with the use of our sign creator is easy. For the RangeCollection, all you have to do is to select your surface color first. Choose from any of 8 lovely colors available in this collection. Next is your signage size. The signs in this collection can be had in any of 10 sizes, with choices ranging from 3” x 4” to 8” x 15”. Once you have selected these elements for your sign, you can now add your signage wording.

As always, mounting is free. Choose between Velcro, double side foam tape or magnetic strips for easy mounting. You will then need to choose your back plate color, with three outstanding choices for you to pick from. All text on your signs will be in white, making these signs have the kind of color contrast between background and wordings needed for ADA compliance.

Also worth noting is that with the addition of Braille translations as well as the use of ADA approved fonts, these signs are compliant with ADA standards for signage.

When it comes to your custom, domed signs, remember; never settle for just a sign, when you can have a SignCollection!

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RangeCollection - Full Dome


The RangeCollection is the perfect sign for all facilities. The two tone signs provide the look of high-end, expensive signs, but are right in your budget. The two panel signs provide a layered look that jumps off the wall and the contrasting colors allow you to easily match any décor. The RangeCollection offers sleek, yet professional designs that people will notice.

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